This evening didn’t go as I expected and I ended up in the room where Eric and I got married two weeks ago. It has to be an energy vortex in there! I feel it. Dancing blindfolded and feeling the energy moving though- so really not dancing at all, but being danced. Quite simply. With stillness and mudras that evolve out of the space…

I was reconnected with one of the balloons from our wedding. He was floating around in the kitchen and happy to see me and come home! He is now flying in our bedroom.


I have enjoyed the rain in Brooklyn today more than I ever thought possible. My apartment is so wonderful and sunny even when it’s gray out, it’s such a joy to be in. The rain has also clearer the skys and the trees and the pollen. It’s still raining and I love it :)

We are nearing the end of April. Where did it go!? I have shyed away from my blog again during this time of big change in my life. The past couple of weeks have been incredible.

I am now a married woman. Crazy and amazing. I never imagined that I would be or how incredible it is. I feel very different- in an amazing way. Our wedding was the most special and perfect occasion that I have ever attended and convayed the truth with simplicity and beauty. It was a pure intension of love, trust and commitment to ourselves and our growth together.

My inspiration and passion and love and life have all culminated and blossomed as one, unifying my life and experience. It’s all real and it just gets bigger, bolder and more elevating.

Thank you to all the wonderful people that I have around me- in person and via spirit. It’s such a gift.

It’s all trust and belief. If I could write some of the unfoldings from these past weeks it would be so apparent of that.

But now it’s towards the forwardness whilst engulfed in and enriched by the present moment.

Sitting on the street waiting. I feel like a kid again on those warm summer days when you notice all the little things like bugs and twigs and the patterns on the trees. The birds start talking to you and the breeze is so very comforting and enveloping.

Today I have been getting many signs, messages and reminders all over the place of the magic and possibilities of this existance. I’ve had 4 people send me messages of amazing BodyTalk experiences, and inspirations from every corner.

It’s just all about belief. If you believe. That’s all it is. So simple. When you believe, others believe too. Cos they are just an aspect of you anyhow.

Still waiting. Still believing.

Today in class was a totally new experience to any I’d had before ever! My two weeks of intensive Franklin Method is settling into my body, mind, being.

My muscles are a completely new dynamic of floating elasticty. They felt individually clearer and yet more unified. Like my bones were just floating in a sea of supportive…. what’s the word? It’s kinda like gloop! Like the ocean with waves that create the movement. The interesting thing is that as I feel my muscles, fascia, liquidness sail my bones into movement the lines of muscle action feel clearer and more direct and supportive. Everything feels as if it can settle closer to the midline and then everything else is catapulted from there.

As I walk out of class I can feel my femurs have rearranged themselves and are able to nuzzle more softly into their hip sockets. It feels like the support from them gives my spine a new length and easeful space.

So as the body becomes more intelligent it moves with more ease within the structure. When you have clear structure, the energy can flow more easily- intensely, and then your structure is just the container. It’s all geometary and movement.

If there’s a part of you that says yes, and a part of you that says no- then you will end up in a muddle! It’s like snowboarding, or dancing, or speaking, or anything- if you’re clear on where you’re going then what you get back is clearer. If you have contradictions, it’s like driving with the brakes on- it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Each day we have opportunities to explore and embrace the aspects of ourselves where we don’t all agree. It’s all over- our lives, bodys, careers, relationships… So we can learn to embrace finding these conflicts so that they can have their discussion and find an agreement. Because after all, if they’re all made of the same love, geometry, light, information container then there is an agreement by which all the parts unify by. So, therefor if our hand agrees with our big toe, and psoas muscle and hair, then our whole person is going in one direction. It’s not going to think one part is right and another wrong. It just carries itself as a wholeness. As we see we are part of the same substance, we see we can’t have compromise, because it’s like itself wanting two opposite things.

Which brings us back to the beginning. Are we in agreement with ourselves!? Let’s start there.

Transformation is instantaneous. How incredible is that!? When the mind and the body are in agreement, there is no contradiction or argument and possibilities become endless. Simple flow and allowance just carries each moment into the next…

I just explored my shoulders and enveloped supportive images to transform what they are.

Teaching Franklin Method is magical. It’s all already there- you just have to discover it. Feeling the support in the structure, the systems of design that convert compresion into energy means that nothing is lost or held- just redirected and reused. We’re these brilliant recycling beings.

The question is ‘is what we’re recycling the most supportive?’ If the compression gets stuck in tension and doesn’t flow to elastic rebound then we don’t experience the sustaining, energy producing mechanism that we have in place and instead we experience effort.

Hmm. So when shoulders stop being a tension catcher and instead are liberated and able to be a transducer of energy, they become instantaneously different- and life flows.

Back in NYC after 2 intense weeks of Franklin Method. It’s so wonderful to be home in my space and in a new state of being with my body, thoughts and purpose. Every time I take a Franklin Method class, and especially at teacher trainings, there is a huge shift in my knowing- both physically, mentally and spiritually… and really how the three are one. It beautiful that when I am in a place of simple presence in my physical being, and mentally pushing myself to realize the wonder that already exists, there is a simple flow and peace that propels me through all types of situations.

Today, it feels like everything is settling and evolving into new spaces. As things unpack themselves, I observe a new me in this new space. I just did a BodyTalk session with a wonderful woman who owns a local healthy eatery, and it filled me with such love. To be the observer in the movement towards self support and balance, I feel the reflection in my own life and the magic of the time/space creation is word-less!

One ‘link’ integrated into her lips with the definition of kissing, knowing, speaking. It felt really powerful, and I could literally see the book being written. Some day all this is going to seem so silly. Just write it. It’s that simple. Of course it is…. but when you forget, the illusion of ‘doing’ can feel so real. Hmmm. It’s losing its power more each day. And here I am writing it, so it must be true :)